Phrasebomb Instructions


PhraseBomb gameplay is very similar to charades. First divide the players up into two teams. Sit in a circle so that a player from the opposite team is on either side of you. To start the game you press the ‘Next Phrase’ Button. A random word or phrase will be generated. Your goal is to get any one of your teammates to say the word without actually saying the word or phrase yourself. Rhyming or spelling the word isn’t allowed! When one of your teammates guesses the phrase correctly you pass the device to your left. It’s now your opponents turn to guess the word! The team with the device in their hands when the buzzer goes off loses the round! The first team to ten wins.

Category Creation

PhraseBomb! is unique in that it allows you to add your own words and categories. Make your own wacky categories full of your friends inside jokes add some spice to the Grab Bag word list. The only limit is your imagination! To add a category or word simply click on the ‘Add Category’ button on the start screen and follow the directions. Have fun!