PenScore Instructions

Scorekeeping has a long and celebrated tradition in the game of baseball. PenScore was created with this tradition in mind, allowing fans, parents, and coaches to keep score on their iPhone or iPad in much the same way score has traditionally been kept with pen and paper.

You can interact with the PenScore scorecard as you interact with a traditional scorecard, writing in the lineup for each team and recording individual at bats. To record an at bat, simply click on the appropriate baseball diamond. This will zoom in on the diamond and allow you to record information about the at bat.

A runner can be advanced around the bases by simply tracking the runner’s path with your own finger. For example, to move a runner from second to third base you simply touch your finger on second base and draw a line to third. After advancing the runner, the direction of thehit can also be easily recorded with a tap of the finger.

To clear the bases, simply double tap the screen. Meanwhile, the count can be tallied or corrected with taps of the strike and foul boxes. notes about the play are recorded easily via text input, much like scoring with a pen and paper! Additional notes about an at bat can easily be recorded if required.

If you wish to save or share your scorecard simply tap the share button the top right. This will allow you to save your scorecard as an image, e-mail it to your team, or even tweet it to your followers!

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The basic scorekeeping template used in this application was provided by Christopher Swingley with permission under the Creative Commons License (

The loading labels displayed were provided by David Sinclare under a free license (

Additional artwork was provided by Eastside RJ under the Creative Commons License (