A fantastic party game for those who enjoy games like “Catch Phrase” and charades.Phrasebomb is the only free game that let YOU make your own word lists!

Play with family or friends. Phrasebomb is great for any social gathering. The rules are simple. You start with a list of words and phrases (you can use either the preloaded list or a list of your own creation). Phrasebomb then shows you a random word from the list and you have to make your teammates guess the secret word. But be quick, Phrasebomb’s fuse is burning! Listen as the beeps get closer and closer together and the background goes from green, to yellow, to red, until…KABOOOM!! Phrasebomb explodes and you lose the point! An intense, uproarious classic you are sure to love Phrasebomb!

Phrasebomb is fun and addictive. Great for parties or family. Make your own lists and watch as your friends try to act your secret words.

See for yourself why this FREE game is becoming the party game to have.

– Drama heightening bomb timer
– Background color changes let you know when it’s time to hurry up
– Simple scorekeeping
– Guaranteed to liven any party!

The gameplay and rules of Phrasebomb are similar to Catch Phrase™ by Hasbro Inc. Catch Phrase™ is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc. Phrasebomb is not affiliated with Hasbro or Catch Phrase™.

Phrasebomb Instructions