The perfect companion to any baseball game! Scorekeeping has a long and celebrated tradition in the game of baseball and PenScore was created with this tradition in mind. PenScore allows fans to easily keep score on their mobile phone in much the same way score has traditionally been kept with pen and paper.

Pen and paper scorekeeping has been enjoyed by generations of baseball lovers, and, with the advent of PenScore, that experience has been brought to the mobile phone. Using PenScore is as easy as using pen and paper. A team’s lineup is easily entered through text input and runners are advanced around the bases through simple swipes of the finger. There is no extensive setup of player profiles or team rosters required. Simply download PenScore and begin scoring.

Features of PenScore:

• Intuitive and comprehensive scoring system

• Minimal Setup

• Scorecards can be saved to your photo album, tweeted to your friends, or emailed to your teammates

PenScore is the perfect gift for a family member or friend who enjoys the game of baseball. Whether you are a new to scorekeeping or a seasoned veteran, we are confident you will enjoy PenScore.

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